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Experienced Tree Pruning and Tree Removal Services

Trees can add to a home’s curb appeal, but they can also take away from it. Trees that are diseased, dying, or in an inconvenient place make your property look unkempt.

At A1 Expert Tree Service, we can help your yard look beautiful again. We provide comprehensive tree services in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas. Whether your trees need to be trimmed or cut down, we have the equipment and expertise to help you out.


Tree Pruning and Removal

All trees need regular pruning to stay healthy and strong. In addition, trees that have grown too close to your house may need to be trimmed back to prevent branches breaking off during storms and falling on your roof.

At A1 Expert Tree Service, we can assess your trees’ needs and trim them accordingly. We know which branches to take off in order to ensure optimal growth, and we have the necessary equipment to safely reach even the highest branches.

We can also help you with tree removal. If you have a tree that is dying or in a place you want to use for something else, we can cut it down for you. We can also remove tree stumps and storm debris.

Customer Service

Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied. To accomplish this, before we begin work on your property, we make sure that we thoroughly understand your needs and goals.

To schedule a consultation for your yard, call 386-338-7211 or click on the green button at the bottom of the page to send us a message electronically.

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