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When you need to hire a professional tree service, look no further than A1 Expert Tree Service LLC. Our experts have been providing tree removal, cabling, and pruning services to residents of New Smyrna Beach for many years. We have the skills and expertise to get the job done right, all at an affordable rate.

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Emergency Tree Removal Services

One of the most popular service calls is for emergency tree removal. In many ways, emergency tree removal is the most essential service we offer. It helps protect your home and entire property from extenuated damage in the event of a heavy storm or unexpected incident.

When you get in touch with us, we will respond to your request right away. Our experts are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. We will be by your side, ready to handle the removal as quickly as possible.

Our experts have the skills to carefully and safely remove a dangerous tree without causing further damage or destruction. We will then dispose of the tree responsibly and clean up before we leave your property.

Comprehensive Stump Removal

As most of us know, stumps can be a real eyesore. They can take away from the beauty of an otherwise attractive lawn, be a tripping hazard, or breeding ground for insects and pests. When you decide to remove a tree stump from your property, you want to hire a company that can get rid of the stump entirely making your lawn look as good as new. A1 Expert Tree Service LLC is the team you need.

We use specialty equipment to effectively remove tree stumps from your lawn and ensure the ground beneath is adequately cared for.

Improve the Health and Beauty of Your Property with Tree Pruning

In addition to aesthetics, having your trees pruned regularly boasts various benefits that should not be overlooked, including:

  • Removing dead and diseased branches prevent the spread of decay
  • Your tree and the surrounding plants will experience increased sun exposure
  • Pruning promotes the growth of new, healthy leaves
  • Pruning your trees can improve the look of your property and your view

Our experts have years of experience with tree pruning. We will discuss your goals for the trimming session and provide you with an estimate before we get to work.

Support Your Plants with Tree Cabling

Although they are thought to be strong and sturdy, sometimes trees need a little support too. Adding cabling to your trees can help promote growth and reduce the process of tearing or decay. Cabling can essentially save beloved trees from falling to the ground and damaging your property.

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For all your tree needs, A1 Expert Tree Service LLC is the team to call. We will help you to remove dangerous trees from your property and protect the healthy ones.

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